Youth assistants work with instructors to develop communication and class management skills while also improving their own sailing. Duties vary, but include providing assistance with rigging, launching and stowing boats and equipment; helping youth in developing on-the-water skills; sharing enthusiasm with new learners and cleaning up.

Prerequisites: 15 years old or older (no exceptions), Sailing 2 with decent sailing skills, completion of a Hoofer Youth Assist
ant application, and interview and selection by the Hoofer Youth Program Director with approval of Head of Instruction. We look for reliability, basic sailing skills, helpfulness, ability to assist as directed and ability to work positively with staff and students. Preference is for assistants who can teach two classes per day during at least two of the summer sessions (4 weeks total, or more).

Of all applicants, about six assistants are selected. Hoofer Youth Assistants receive Hoofer Open Tech Sailing & Windsurfing privileges during the time period they are assisting, are encouraged to open sail, and may take additional skill development classes during their free time.

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