THoofer_Sailing_Club12_3496he Hoofer Youth Program is managed by, and uses equipment belonging to, the Hoofers Sailing Club (HSC). HSC is one of six clubs comprising the Wisconsin Hoofers, an outdoor recreational student organization, which began in 1931.

The Hoofer Sailing Club has roughly 1200 members and has been active since 1939. HSC maintains many fleets of boats including Badger Techs, 420s, Badger Sloops, J-22s, J-24s, sailboards, keelboats, Lasers, and Scows. Not surprisingly, the Hoofer Sailing Club has the largest collegiate fleet of sail boats in the country, second only to Naval Academy! There are over 100 adult lessons offered every week on all fleets of boats in addition to our youth program (which teaches about 400 students to sail and paddle each summer!).

Consequently, access to sailing lessons is not only limited to youth students. If you want to experience the same fun as your son or daughter, join the sailing club and learn to sail as well!

How did the term “Hoofer” originate?

At the time that the Wisconsin Hoofers was started, the Dartmouth Outing Club had a tradition of calling their new members “Heelers.” After members served the club for a period of time they graduated to the position of Hoofer, derived from the saying, “Hoofin it,” or “on the hoof.” Hoofers seemed an appropriate name because it signified that members participated in activities or traveled under their own power, i.e. through riding, paddling, climbing, or sailing to explore the outdoors. The Wisconsin Hoofers symbol containing the W and horse shoe are meant to represent good luck!